Understanding how wireless routers work



Router is a mean through which one can connect to Internet, and wireless router then obviously is a way through which a person can connect to internet without using any wire. All of us know the advantage of using any device or gadget through wireless means. It helps a lot in saving space and avoiding mess created through long bulky wires. Routers are devices that are used to route the singnal. They direct the incoming signals to a specific destination. Router can be any device that fulfills the function of directing the signals it can be wired as well as wireless. In wireless routers, incoming signals could be wireless in the form of radio signals or they can be sent through wired system, but, the output of wireless routers are radio signals.
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For any device that needs to be connected to wireless network, it is compulsory for them to be connected with a specific device. That device would then help to send and receive the required signals. Almost all electronic devices like laptops, tablets, smartphones contains built in trans receiver for sending and receiving signals and it is called WLAN card.
Different routers can have different ranges. It all depends on the type of router that how much range it would cater in order to help devices in making connection with internet. However, in all types of routers, ranges are adequate enough to cover a small home. Every different manufacturer of wireless routers have different range. Wireless router also allows hooking up with multiple devices like mobiles, laptops and computers to connect with a single network.
Wireless router functions by receiving internet data through the telephone lines and then they transform that data into radio signals. After that, network card present inside systems (computers, smartphones, laptops) receive these signals and convert them back into internet data. Wireless router enhances functionality of routers. Like in iPad and android tablets, user can only connect to an internet through wireless mean. So, it means if one does not have a wireless router, then it would not be able to connect all devices to 3G and 4G networks. Through wireless router all gadgets can connect to internet independently. There are many other benefits of wireless routers. Few of them are discussed below
Wireless routers are perfect choice for the whole family as it provides connection to multiple users at the same time through different devices.
It is much convenient to set up a wireless router. From wiring process to the router configuration, all steps can be performed easily within couple of minutes. After configuring router, any device can easily access internet after taking permission or authorization from router.
With the help of wireless router users can enjoy their independency from cables/wires. Multiple users can enjoy internet services at the same time without any restriction of sitting in a specific place. They can get wireless signals all over their place.

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