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HTML Mobile usability website complete articles

258 ViewsIntroduction As the web scene turns out to be progressively intricate, it’s ending up critical to convey strong web encounters to a developing number of settings. Gratefully, responsive website architecture gives web designers a few instruments for making formats that react to any screen measure. We’ll utilize liquid matrices, …

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How to Find Previous Month’s First and Last Day C#

172 ViewsHere’s a simple query that gives you the first and last day of the previous month. static void Main(string[] args) { var yr = DateTime.Today.Year; var mth = DateTime.Today.Month; var firstDay = new DateTime(yr, mth, 1).AddMonths(-1); var lastDay = new DateTime(yr, mth, 1).AddDays(-1); Console.WriteLine("First day Previous Month: {0}", firstDay); …

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